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For an unforgettable experience, indulge in private yacht charters. Lounging on a yacht is one of the most exclusive and luxurious way to enjoy a vacation. Sail around the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, Central America or the Pacific Ocean. The itinerary and stops are yours to decide. There are no set times. No matter which area of the world you find yourselves in, you will revel in peaceful sunrises, sunlit afternoons and romantic sunsets.  Enjoy incredible aromas of food prepared to your specification, while you take advantage of worry free days and evenings. At night retire to exquisite bedrooms. Our crews are there to ensure your safety as well as to pamper you. They can set up a barbeque lunch on a nearby beach or organize land excursions. If you enjoy golf we will take you to some of the best courses in the world or show you some of the best places to snorkel. Our fully customizable vacation planning will make a truly remarkable adventure. Let us take care of all the details.

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Due to the great fluctuation of the currency, prices for all of our services will be quoted upon request. This policy enables us to provide you, the traveler, with the most competitive quotes consistent with actual currency exchange. We invite you to browse through our website to select the travel style that meets your needs, our travel planners are only a call/email away ready to provide any assistance in designing your itinerary.

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Sample Private Yacht Itineraries

Just some ideas – Let us customize your personalized voyage


For a quick intro into the Virgin Islands.


Day 1 | Start your journey in St. Thomas. After meeting your captain and crew set sail for St. John for lunch and snorkeling and then on to Jost Van Dyke for nightlife.

Day 2 |  Move on to Sandy Cay for beach time and hiking. Then on to Great Guava Island for lunch and water sports. Then on to Marina Cay to unwind with champagne after dinner.

Day 3 | Cruise to Virgin Gorda. Swim in the natural sea water pools and underwater experiences at Fallen Jerusalem. Lunch on St. Peter Island and one of the best beaches in the BVI. Overnight at Great Harbour.

Day 4 | The uninhabited Norman Island is next to explore. Known as the island where Stevenson’s treasure is reputed to be buried. Overnight will be at the famous Bight, known as a hot spot for yachts, water sports and restaurants.

Day 5 | Sail back to St. Thomas where shopping at Charlotte Amalie can be experienced.



Crystal clear waters, pristine beaches and diverse marine life.


Day 1 | After a welcome cocktail and meet and greet cruise to Harbour Island. Enjoy the 3 miles plus of pink, sandy beaches and some great restaurants.

Day 2 | Arrive in Eleuthera to either tour the island, swim or take advantage of the yacht’s watersports equipment. Dinner is a lovely meal onboard prepared by your included chef.

Day 3 | Unspoiled Cat Island is next. Known for the pirate Arthur Catt and a true Bahamian cultural site with incredible sunsets.

Day 4 | After a stop on Conception Island arrive at Rum Cay with its miles and miles of pink sand beaches. Scuba diving or snorkeling is perfect here because of the abundance of sea life.

Day 5 | Today cruise to the famous Stanley Cay to discover turquoise waters, unbelievable beaches, small Bahamian villages and the popular swimming pigs.

Day 6 | Highbourne Cay awaits with its walking beaches. Enjoy paddle boarding and lounging. Romantic dinner can be served on board.

Day 7 | Time for relaxation on Sampson Cay. Let your stress wash away.

Day 8 | Enjoy a leisurely breakfast as we arrive in Compass Cay with its spectacular thirteen beaches. Collect shells and washed up treasures. Lunch can be arranged on the beach.

Day 9 | Last full day is spent at Atlantis, Paradise Island. Bahamas most famous attraction and theme park as well as fantastic restaurants.

Day 10 | disembark after breakfast.


Sail the unreal Cyclades Islands.


Day 1 | The adventure begins in the port of Piraeus and then quickly on to the casual relaxed island of Kea.

Day 2 | Sail to the cosmopolitan Mykonos with its incredible restaurants and nightlife.

Day 3 | Depart for the uninhabited island of Delos. Renowned for many archeological sites. The afternoon is on Paros, with its beaches and quiet coves. Dinner prepared by your chef.

Day 4 | Today is the island of Ios with vineyards, olive groves, monasteries and private coves.

Day 5 | Arrive at the white washed picturesque homes of Santorini. The scenery is accentuated by the blue waters.

Day 6 | Visit Sifnos and its medieval remains in the clifftop town of Kastro.

Day 7 | Cruise to the picturesque island of Serifos, a place the Roman empire used for exiles.

Day 8 | This day is for swimming and small quaint cafes in the Island of Kithnos.

Day 9 | On the way back to Piraeus we stop to visit the Temple of Poseidon on Sounion.

Day 10 | Disembark at Piraeus.



Your private yacht charter in the playground of the rich and famous.


Day 1 | Begin the week in luxurious accommodations of your private yacht in Antibes. Then on to Monaco to rub elbows with celebrities while strolling along the exclusive streets. Try your luck at the Monte Carlo Casino.

Day 2 | Spend the day in the colorful Italian town of Portofino.

Day 3 | Depart the Italian Riviera and relax while sailing towards Corsica.

Day 4 | Arrival in Bonifacio, Corsica. The medieval walled town offers so many sights, restaurants and cafes.

Day 5 | In the morning sail around Budelli Island as we make our way towards Porto Cervo, Sardinia.

Day 6 | Enjoy the whole day in Porto Cervo. There is so much do in this incredible town. Exquisite restaurants and shops abound.

Day 7 | After leaving the posh Porto Cervo behind we arrive at Cala Di Volpe on the East coast of Sardinia.

Day 8 | Cruise to Maddalena Island and swim in the blue, blue waters. After lounging we set sail for the west coast of Corsica.

Day 9 | Upon waking up and enjoying breakfast on deck we arrive in the Golfo di Girilata and the town of Ajaccio.

Day 10 | Back at Antibes where the whole day can be spent exploring the town with its many museums, parks, cafes, restaurants and walking areas.

Day 11 | Disembark at Antibes to continue your journey home.



Colorful and warm


Day 1 | Start your uniquely designed yacht charter in the beautiful Southern Italian town of Positano. After a delicious lunch sail to the island of Capri.

Day 2 | Explore one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Visit the Marina Piccolo and the Blue Grotto.

Day 3 | Cruise to Sorrento overlooking the Bay of Naples and Mt. Vesuvius.

Day 4 | We continue on towards some snorkeling at the island of Ponza.

Day 5 | This day we arrive in Cala Di Volpe, Sardinia. Spend some time enjoying the amenities of the world famous Hotel Cala Di Volpe.

Day 6 | The posh Porto Cervo is next. The town is home to some really high end real estate, art galleries and shops.

Day 7 | Island hopping through some small islands between Sardinia and Corsica through Bonifacio Straits. Islands like La Vezzi well known for snorkeling.

Day 8 | The day will be spent in the Medieval walled city of Bonifacio.

Day 9 | Travel next to Ajaccio. Ajaccio is the a great city for walking and exploring its streets.

Day 10 | The UNESCO heritage site of Gulf of Girolata. This area is protective area for both Marine and bird wildlife.

Day 11 | Calvi, the birthplace of Cristopher Columbus, where you can soak up the panoramic charming harbor.

Day 12 | Arrive at Antibes, in the Cote D’Azur. Explore this hot spot for the rich and famous and all it has to offer.